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Writer's Block: Back to School

What fictional high school—from tv, film, or a book—would you most like to attend? Or would you rather never go near high school again, fictional or otherwise?

Tyra's Essay

Contains a transcript of Tyra's Essay from season three.
Tyra's EssayCollapse )
But now I find that I can't stop wanting.
I want to fly somewhere in first class.
I want to travel to Europe on a business trip.
I want to get invited to the White House.
I want to learn about the world.
I want to surprise myself.
I want to be important.
I want to be the best person that I can be.
I want to define myself instead of having others define me.
I want to win, and have people be happy for me,
I want to lose and get over it.
I want to not be afraid of the unknown.
I want to grow up to be generous and big hearted, the way that people have been with me.
I want an interesting and surprising life.
It's not that I think I'm going to get all of these things,
I just want the possibility of getting them.
College represents possibility.
The possibility that things are going to change.
I can't wait..</div>

Yuletide: A Big Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my stories. I've never done Yuletide before and I thought I'd be able to reply to comments on the site after the first of the year, so I didn't save all my emails. Whoops! Anyway, I hope everyone who commented enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.



It occurred to me that I never said anything here about the wonderful fic written for me for Yuletide. My apologies, fantastic yuletide writer. I love that it sounds just like a missing scene from the show. I haven't seen that episode in quite some time, but I remember it well. While I didn't say anything here, (mainly because I just don't post that often on my LJ), I did mention the story here: FanNation Forum

My color

I'm amazed, this thing actually got me right.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate energetic people. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Fanfiction: "The Agony of Defeat"-FNL

 The first line is a prompt for a one hour multi-fandom writing challenge. When I read the prompt, I immediately had an image of a dark angsty story from Early Edition, but somehow, when the hour began, this little ficlet came out. It's not angsty. It's not dark. It's not even Early Edition. 

Read more...Collapse )</span></div>.</div>

Dear Yuletide Santa

I've been a good girl this year, so I hope you put a special present under the tree for me! I've never done Yuletide before, so please forgive me if my letter is all jumbled up. In general,I love angsty or hurt/comfort stories, but I also enjoy light-hearted stories. Good characterization and believable dialogue is very high on my list.

For EE, I love when Gary is faced with a dilemma regarding the paper--where he has to make a choice. The more angst, the better. I don't mind a Gary Owie, Whumping, or whatever the current phrase is either.(in fact, done well, I love it!) However, I would also be happy with something funny involving Gary and Chuck or some romance with Gary and Brigatti, or even an original character. (Just, no Erica please!) The romance/loving can go as far as you want to take it, as long as it's not clinical in regards to body parts. ;-) ETA: Crumb and Armstrong are fantastic characters too, so I wouldn't mind if they showed up in the story somewhere. Not a requirement though.

For FNL, I love anything to do with Coach/Tami. Banter, touching, arguing in only the way that they can do and then later, they have one of their bedtime talks/cuddles and Eric tells Tami about all his needs. :-P Oh, and some Gracie/Daddy interaction is great too. You can never go wrong writing something where Eric imparts his wise and fatherly advice to Julie. Can you see a pattern here? Basically, anything having to do with Eric. See the EE paragraph for the reference to sex. Only thing different is that because Eric and Tami have been married a long time, there can be a certain sense of being extremely comfortable with each other...in a good way. Not that they get in a rut, but there is absolute trust, so they may actually be more adventurous than Gary/Brigatti or other partner. If that makes sense.

My third choice was Emergency, I believe. Johnny should be the main character. I love fics that are true to the show as far as showing Johnny and Roy responding to calls/rescues, but having a sub-plot as well. It wouldn't be Emergency without a good JohnnyOwie, so that would be really nice. :-D Nothing too drastic though! I want him in one piece and not maimed for life.

I can't remember if I put Quantum Leap on my list. I don't think I did, only that I could write it, but if I did, anything where Sam is longing for home is good.

Happy Halloween!

Here's the pumpkin I carved with a little bit of my daughter's help. (hey, she's only 8, I don't let her handle sharp, pointy instruments yet!)

Friday Night Lights

 Finally, it's back and from what I've read, it's back to its first season goodness.  The characters aren't all off in their own little shows, there are no murders or live in nurses.  Thank God!  Don't get me wrong, season two was still better than anything else on television, it just wasn't up to the perfection that was season one. 

So, if you're lucky enough to have DirecTV, watch FNL tonight.  If you're not, you may have to resort to other means, but you STILL need to watch it on NBC when it comes out in the spring!  Do NOT blow it off because you've already seen it.  The way to make this work is to blog about it, without too many spoilers, and get people interested in it, so that when it DOES finally come on NBC, maybe a few curious will wonder what all the buzz is about.  Then, watch it again on NBC, because really, watching a repeat of FNL still beats watching a new episode of some stupid reality show or any other show out there.  I'm not making that up. It's true.  If you can't watch it on NBC because you absolutely have to watch something else at the same time, at least dvr it. Okay?  Thanks! :-)

Me, I just got my DirecTV installed two days ago. :-D  Hey, we got rid of the landline phones a few months ago.  I figure I can justify the expense since we cut in another area.  And the price of gas is down a bit this week.  I'll bring my lunch to work. (okay, I do anyway), I'll even let up on my diet so I won't have to buy any new clothes this fall. (the things I'll do for this show!). Oh, and I've seen pics of Kyle Chandler from this season from an extra, and he just gets better with age.  I might have to start hating him for that. ;-)

FanNation--it's here

FanNation is a multi-fandom fanfic archive.  It's modeled after Fanlib, but is non-corporate.  It's fan run.  What makes it unique is that many of the members read crossfandoms due to member run contests of Fanlib.  Many of us learned to appreciate other fandoms and even became fans of previously unfamiliar ones. It makes for a great atmosphere and interesting talk on the forums.  Speaking of which, the forums have a much better set-up than the fanfiction. net forums.  I'm a mod in both places and FanNation wins hands down. I can say that after only one day because the forums are also modeled after the Fanlib forums, which was my favorite feature of the site.

Anyway, if you're looking for a place that will allow your stories to be read by others, especially if you put in the effort to read other people's stories, then FanNation is the place for you.


Enemy Combatant--Chapter 11b,---Conclusion

Okay, so this was part of the last chapter but it was too long for LJ.  So, tell me again why people love this site for fanfic? Grrr...it's so clunky.  Sorry about the rant.  Anyway, here's the conclusion. 

EE Fanfic: Enemy Combatant--Chapter 10

Fanfiction: "The Cat's Meow"

Title:"The Cat's Meow"
Fandom: Early Edition
Rating: PG
Status: Complete--One Shot

Gary tries to save a boy from a group beating. This is my first attempt at first person pov and I had a lot of fun writing this. I loved getting into Gary's head and who knew that he had such a dry sense of humor?

Fanfiction: Enemy Combatant--Chapter 1

Fandom: Early Edition
Rating: pg-13
Status: WIP, but only one chapter left to write. Should be completed in less than two weeks.
Genre: Angst
Pairings: none

Chapter one excerpt:

His mouth was dry. Dry and stale and he opened his eyes with the intent of searching out a glass of water. Cold water. Icy cold water. Gary Hobson licked his lips in a futile effort to supply moisture and then blinked as an unfamiliar gray ceiling came into focus. He forgot about his intense thirst as the horror of the last few days flooded his mind.

At six-thirty a.m. on September 11th, he’d been the only one who knew what was going to happen in the next few hours. Well, almost the only one. The terrorists knew. He’d tried so hard to warn someone, to get someone to listen to him, but nobody would.


Fanfic: Enemy Combatant--Chapter 8

 From Early Edition
Pairings: None
Genre: Angst
Status: WIP, but next two unposted chapters just need a little editing, and only one chapter after that.  Story should be finished within the next couple of weeks if not sooner.

Gary is detained post-September 11th when his attempts to avert the tragedy bring him to the attention of the authorities.


This story is about how Gary Hobson was affected by September 11th.  It's a delicate subject and I tried my best to handle it with care.

Characters and premise borrowed from Early Edition. 
Comments welcome.


Happy 21st Birthday, Joe!

Hey Joe! I was going to write a fic for you, but then I had another idea. You know I love Fanlib, so I thought, what if I could get some fellow Fanlibbers to read one of your stories? Ideally, I was trying to get 21 comments on it, but didn't quite make it. (although, they may still trickle in!) Lots of people are on vacation this week, so the forums have been kind of slow. Even so, I'm very happy with the turnout. So, go read your birthday thread on Fanlib Forums. Not only did many comment on your story directly, they also made some nice comments in the thread. :-)

Happy Birthday Thread

Just a random post

I tend to forget about LJ, so I thought it was about time I posted something. I have a bunch of new friends from Fanlib.  Hi! This post is just random stuff, not much fanfic related.

 Brian is home from the Airforce for good. I was disappointed at first because I think the AF totally screwed him over (gave him general discharge under honorable conditions, but not an honorable discharge) , but he landed a job with a brand new company selling computers in the mall.  I was very skeptical initially because it's straight commission, but the kid is tearing up the place!  They sell mainly to military people since they have a great payment option for them and the mall is very close to a major military base.  He's the top seller at his store and has been told he will be the manager by the end of the month.  That means he'll get a commission off all the sales, not just his own.
Tim is...well, he's picking up odd jobs putting up fences and such. Not much to say.

Maggie is doing a performing arts camp this summer.  I'm a bit nervous because she's probably the youngest there but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  She has no qualms about singing in front of people or anything, but her attention span leaves a bit to be desired and while fun, the camp is also a lot of work.   At the end of it, they will be doing the musical, Bye, Bye, Birdie.  Oh, and for any FNL fans out there, the director of the musical is a recent Northwestern Univ. grad with a major in theater.  Isn't that Zach Gilford's alma mater? Maybe he knows him? That would be cool.

Work sucks.  We are so busy now and I have to go to work in just a few hours to work night shift on my day off.  They got coverage for every night except the one I'm on call. I am SO pissed. I had so much I wanted to do these two days off and now I can't do any of them. Plus, I can't stand the girl I have to work with tonight.  I don't say that about many of my coworkers in the 20 plus years that I've been doing RT, but I really, really hate this girl. She's already at work, due to her working the 12 hours shift, so I just bet she leaves me with the crappy treatment load.  Probably wants me to do ICU and ER.  Ain't happening! 


FNL 01/17--"I have faith in her."


Just one of my very favorite scenes.

FanLib.comview author&apos;s profileview

FanLib.comview author&apos;s profileview
FanLib.comview author&apos;s profileview
 I have written some updates to my story, "Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon".  I have been posting them first to Fanlib.com, because, well, the response has been better, frankly.  I'm really thrilled that many of the commenters there don't even know the show, but have read my story and seem to be enjoying it.  At fanfiction.net, I don't think I've ever had someone who wasn't already a fan read any of my EE fics.  At Fanlib, the vast majority of my comments come from non-fans, and that includes my Friday Night Light fics.  In fact, I have even gotten about three or four people over there to at least watch some episodes of the show after reading some FNL fanfic, so I feel like I'm accomplishing something with my writing beyond just the stories themselves. 

So, anyway, here is the badge for my story.  I have it split into two badges because for awhile, the first eight chapters were entered into a contest and the story becomes locked until the contest is over.  In order to continue updating, I made another submission.  




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